Ikor the “idea” started almost two years ago with the knowledge of CBD  and how effective it was for many maladies (Epilepsy, Autism, Crohn’s, etc) and diseases (cancer, glaucoma). It was through seeing (in the media) its effects and hearing about how CBD has helped, if not cured many families afflicted with the problems that we saw the need for a product in the active lifestyle category. Athletes, like YOU are very motivated and disciplined, and having a CBD product at your disposal  will only help you perform at your best while aiding in your recovery too.  With a multitude of health benefits and no side effects (like NSAID’s or Opiods), iKOR is perfect for anyone.

The name iKOR came about after a rainstorm, interestingly enough. There’s a distinct smell after a rain and there’s a word for it; the word is petrachor, which is two Latin words: petra- meaning stone and ichor- meaning “the golden fluid or essence that flows through the veins of gods.” Hence iKOR became that very essence for our product.

We hope you enjoy our product and more importantly, our vision with this in mind.