“I am in a STRANGELY good mood!"

“I am in a STRANGELY good mood!"

When Matt told me about CBD I was skeptical.

I went off and did my research and was soon asking myself “Why I am not taking this stuff?”
Well – partly because I hadn’t grasped the non-psycho-active bit. CBD is not marijuana.

But if it does half of what “they” say it does – and I don’t mean Matt and co, I mean what the researchers have documented, then as a masters’ athlete, CBD could be invaluable.

Anyway, I was persuaded. I’ve been taking 5-10 pumps of iKOR a day for three weeks. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

First, I am getting more out of my sleep. I’m not sleeping longer, just seem to be waking more refreshed. And earlier. That’s a real change for me. And very exciting in terms of what it might be doing for my recovery from training.

Second, nothing too dramatic, but I “think” along with the waking more refreshed, I am not as sore and stiff as usual. CBD is anti-inflammatory (in fact one scientific review article I found is titled “Cannabinoids as novel anti-inflammatory drugs”), so that’s not surprising.

Third, one of the facts about CBD that got me very interested is that it improves blood flow. It’s a vasodilator: it encourages muscles in the walls of arteries and veins to relax. Move over beetroot juice?

So here’s the thing with that. I have a coach who loves numbers. EVERY morning I have to take resting pulse and SpO2 (blood-oxygen) levels among a bunch of other metrics. Before starting CBD my resting pulse was 48. In 2.5 weeks I’ve recorded a new low of 46. Could be a training effect; I think it is the CBD.

And finally…my beloved coach once delivered the ultimate development advice. “About the only thing you really need”, he said, “is a frontal lobotomy”. Yes, I think too much about my training. I think myself slow during races. All my best performances have come when I’ve been in some kind of “altered state”. Focused, relaxed, flowing. CBD might be a great way to access that shut-down of the monkey brain/frontal cortex that can inhibit performance. So far so good.

“How are you today?” they greeted me in my coffee shop. “I am in a STRANGELY good mood!”, I found myself replying the other day. I kind of hope that lasts. Hesitant, because I don’t want to get addicted or dependent. Like I am on, well, morning caffeine?

But again, there’s some research on that that I found geekingly exciting. We have in our bodies, alongside the immune system and all the other gubbins, an “endocannabinoid system”. This thing is set up to deal with cannabinoids – like CBD – from plants that we  evolved alongside and should still be regularly consuming. That system needs feeding. So in my mind iKOR is actually a nutritional supplement.

All the supplements I use have to answer one simple question: “Does this make me run faster?” iKOR? I’ll let you know.

- Simon Martin.


Simon is a Brit, resident in Boulder. He is a journalist, editor and award-winning author specialising in natural medicine He is the editor of the UK professional magazine/journal Integrative Healthcare and Applied Nutrition (www.ihcan-mag.com) and education director of the magazine’s series of five conferences and a summit. He won the masters world championship cross-country in his age-group in Kamloops, Canada, and led the gold-medal team. He has won his age in the Bolder Boulder 10k from the “A” wave, is a former Colorado Runner of the year and British championship medalist at 5k, and is busy turning himself into a miler/1500m runner in time for the world championships in Malaga, Spain, in 2018, when he moves into the 65-70 age group.