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Performance CBD

iKOR is a clean, natural source of recovery enhancing CBD that protects your body from the stresses of training, improves recovery from intense efforts and helps you maintain a positive mental state. The most bio-available CBD product on the market, iKOR is a highly protective anti-oxidant, an effective anti-inflammatory and a powerful mood booster. iKOR helps you be your best you.

iKOR 300mg Hemp Extract
  • Anti-Oxidant

    As athletes, our higher levels of aerobic exercise stimulate the body’s production of free radicals and oxidative stress.  While our body naturally produces antioxidants, it has trouble keeping up. The CBD in iKOR provides the antioxidant power your body needs to help fight excessive oxidative stress.

  • Optimal Recovery

    Recovery involves more than just muscle repair. Chemical and hormonal balance, nervous system repair, mental state also play an important role in successful recovery. iKOR keeps your body systems working at optimal levels helping you maximize training by getting your body ready for your next day’s workout.

  • Advanced Delivery

    iKOR's liposomal encapsulation technology allows for absorption to begin to moment you take it. Immediate assimilation through the mucous membrane results in the most bio-available product on the market.   

  • Elevated Mindset

    Athletes often overlook the role attitude plays in performance. Whether you're dealing with an injury, in a tough training block, or in the middle of a race, it is vital to maintain a happy, positive outlook.

What is CBD?

  • Where does iKOR come from?

    iKOR CBD is produced from hemp plants naturally high in CBD and low in THC. Through our separation and filtration processes we are able to remove the remaining THC leaving only an ultra-refined CBD extract. We then encapsulate our extract in phospholipid bi-layer liposomes, making iKOR highly bio-available.

  • iKOR. What you Need.

    CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp plants that has significant anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and mood boosting effects, without any psychoactive side effects. This makes CBD an ideal option for athletes wanting to protect their body from training-induced oxidative stress, wanting to recover from intense training efforts and wanting to maintain a positive mental state. 

  • Is that all it does? Nope.

    CBD has been shown to have numerous benefits on health including neuroprotective effects, anti-aging effects, anti-seizure effects, anxiety reducing effects and pain management effects. 

    CBD's anti-cancer properties are currently being researched at several institutional locations globally.